my car that is..

i spent over an hour today after i got my hairs cut looking for my hearing aide you know that little gold thing the size of a peanut. 
       this is my story.
i had to take it out for the hair cut because of course it can't get wet! i stuck it in my pocket. 
well when the cut was done i went to put it in but it signaled me the battery was almost dead.. so i didn't put it in. i stuck it back in my pocket and went to pay the lady. got out my keys and left to go to walmart neighborhood market to do some shopping.. i reached in my pocket at walmart, and to my horror no hearing aide!!!..i called the lady and she looked in the hearing aide. i was just going to go in and go shopping but i just couldn't i had to go back to the parking lot and look around where i was parked.. so i did. i also went to the adjoining 2 stores and asked if anyone had turned in a hearing aide.. no one had.. i said a prayer in the car first. then i did my shopping at the store i was at, instead of going back to walmart.. the whole time i had a feeling i needed to search my car again.. so when i was done with my months shopping  ...i filled the car with bags of food.. and moved the front seat of the car as far back as it will go..and took all the garbage out . yes you heard it garbage... and underneath all the junk in my car was my missing hearing aide!! be still my heart i was almost physically sick over loosing a $2000.00 hearing device!! i was well within in my rights. i am still shook up about it! and i will tell you i will always carry my little pouch they came with to put them in., when i have to take them out! 

                   i am deaf and i want to hear, i guess i should change the battery.