The Word of Wisdom, as given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, teaches that we are to eat healthy foods and avoid harmful substances, including alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and harmful or habit-forming drugs. As we show our faith and adhere to the Word of Wisdom, God in turn promises blessings of health, wisdom, and great knowledge.

Your body is instrumental in bringing you both pain and great joy. A healthy lifestyle promotes a sense of well-being. Exercise, eating and sleeping properly, and a cheerful attitude will all contribute to your happiness. Today, the scientific community promotes many of the same principles that a loving Heavenly Father gave to Joseph Smith nearly two centuries ago.
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I don't want any one to diet..I want you to eat right and exersise!! Thats it!! Get out there and move! You will feel better!!
Don't set a a new years resolution to diet.

because you wont