when we moved to arizona the power company APS gave us several different energy plans to choose from
well grumpy decided to do the right thing and sign up for the one that conserved the most energy (cheapest)we save money if we only use power between 9 pm and 9 am.. and on weekends...so i am to use the dish washer and wash and dry clothes between 9 pm and 9 am or on weekends. now dishes aren't to hard... i usually load the dish washer after dinner
and then just start it before bed..no brainier but let me tell you i find i want to throw a load of clothes in the washer at many odd times during the day...lol! i am just used to washing my sheets whenever i please...

soo.. i am always doing the laundry on sunday..because on saturday we usually find ourselves busy outside of the house
or busy with the grand kids inside of the house..
so i am going to make a better effort to do a load of clothes in the evening during the week and throwing it in
the dryer in the morning when i get up.
it just seems to make more sense to me if i do it that way..

ok..i got that off my mind.lol!!

and i will have to use the sheets i just don't like as much..
instead of washing my favorite and putting them back on the bed..
and i don't want to do that. but i will!!!

i am compromising all over the place here!!! lol!!!