OK, so I guess that I haven't "come to terms" with this disease as much as I thought I had. 
I have been feeling bad for a long time and was excited to finally have a diagnosis. When I started taking Prednisone I started feeling better...better than I have in at least a year. 
I started feeling like my old self and like my troubles were finally over. 
I guess I was overly optimistic. I have had a bad week and although I still feel better than I did before medication, I just don't feel great.
 I am sure that it has something to do with how hot it has been in SUNNY Arizona. 
 People ask me how I am doing and I say "FINE!" because frankly I am sick of being sick so I am sure that everyone else is sick of it to.
 It is hard for me to talk to anyone about this because people probably get tired of me complaining.
 I am generally a very happy, positive person so this is new territory for me. 
I want to be done with all of this but I know that that is not going to happen.
 I guess that I need to work on accepting that in some ways my life has changed.

 This has been especially hard for me because it has slowed me down and affected my ability to do everything that I want to do. 

I don't know, I guess I just needed to vent. To end on a positive note, what I can say is that I am absolutely BLESSED with a caring, supportive, loving husband that has been nothing but 100% supportive.