"Simple pleasures are the best, All the little things that make you smile and glow, All the things you know, Life’s simple pleasures are the best, Are the best, In all the world."

Sometimes it is just amazing how something so simple, can capture your attention and stick in your mind. The lines above are from a television commercial in the early 1980s.

Every time I saw the commercial and every time I have thought of it since, I think It is such a great thought created just to sell beans. I never would have put Van Camp beans as one of my life’s best pleasures. Seriously now.

There is a great deal of truth in that commercial. Joy is not just to be found in complex situations. It is the simple things that can truly delight us. Think of all the little things  things that can become a memory and last a lifetime. It can be a Special meal, or it can be a glimpse of a rainbow splashed across a cloudy sky. Watching the Farris Wheel go round and round,  It could be the shy smile of a child or it could be the touch of  hand on a tired shoulder.

It is the simple things that God has given us, our food, our work, our family and friends that make us rich beyond dollars and cents. They give us joys all of our lives. God fills our days with so many simple and wonderful things that keep us busy with the joy of our heart.

There are so many things in my life that I  enjoy, appreciate and savor. 

I must ask the Lord “Open my eyes, that I may see…” (Psalm 119:8), 

                                         all of life’s simple pleasures.