Appreciate yourself? WHAT? who does that...

Do you give yourself enough appreciation? In this world we are constantly told that it is more important to be approved by others than it is to approve of ourselves. It feels SO good to receive compliments and praise from those around us.  We seek approval from the ones we love every day., but it is more important that you are satisfied with your own achievements and the way you are. We all need to learn how to compliment ourselves appreciate what we are. 
it is not dangerous. 
try it it might be fun. 

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with."
~ Wayne W. Dyer

Do you think you can try giving yourself compliments? How about everyday?  Start with little ones. 
"Gramee I like the way your hair looks today"  
Make it a habit to recognize when you  have done something worth while, take the time to praise yourself ..   By believing in yourself and trusting your own judgment, you will find peace of mind . Your inner voice is far more powerful than anything you receive from the world outside. .So don't go looking for approval from outside until you have found it withing yourself.  Praise those accomplishments, even if they are minor. 

and sometimes we forget ,
to look in the mirror.