Alene Nicole
Today is my Sissy's birthday she is 8. 

Before she was born I got a call from my Son, his wife Jenn was in danger, her blood pressure was dangerously high they may have to deliver the baby very early,     We were all frightened it was TOO early 
I got the next flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. 
(I was not going to miss my first granddaughters birth.)
They decided maybe she wasn't going to have to come 
quite so early. If they could try could hold off a few days or a week.. they would.
      To make a long story short. 
The situation became dangerous for the baby also.
So they ended up doing an emergency C-section. 
Alene was born, 9 weeks early. The hospital she was at didn't have the facilities to care for a baby that early so they got her all bundled in a portable incubator and life flighted her about 5 miles down the road to a hospital that could care for her properly. Her mom barely got to say hello. 

She was 3 pounds she stayed in the hospital
3 weeks and went home at 4 pounds.
and now she is a beautiful 8 year old.
She told me the other day, she is reading on a 5th grade level..
I am very proud of her and all she has accomplished.