I have been asking myself about the difficulty I have making friends, Especially Since I have been In Arizona has been it like this all my life?

I mean before I didn't really realize the complexity of it, I was just living my life. Most of the time with my family as my friends , with a close girlfriend here and there.
Has it been like that most of my life, I decided Yes.

You know what I really don't know how to change it.  I really have no neighbors who are ladies at home looking for friends. Everyone is gone during the day working.
I go to Church the most likely
place I am going to meet someone to become friends with, I guess I am not sure how to
go about putting myself out there. All the girls are young mothers. They all have their
clique, I don't fit.
There are about 8-10 of us my age and older in my ward. (Congregation). So starting next week I am going to be more out going I guess and Introduce myself to a few I don't know. Maybe that will help. we will see. I hate being FRIENDLESS.

2 or 3 will do
to go shopping to lunch or just sit and chat on a
rainy day.
Contact GRAMEE.