Many of us take the good things in our lives for granted, our spouse, our children, our home, the list goes on. Most of us don't stop to think "what would happen if I lost this or that." We only think of what we have or had, when it is gone
Grumpy 2006                                                

So what should you do, spend your life feeling grateful? The answer is yes. You can show that you are grateful for what you have by being kind and generous. Enjoy some "never take anything for granted" time. Take time out to acknowledge the smaller good things in life. 
Do something for someone else. Talk about the good things in life or say something positive every day. When you have had a bad day,
force yourself to think "tomorrow will be a better day."
Just for fun ask your friends what they are grateful for.

My Sister in Law Danna, had a call Sunday, Her Sisters Husband Had been Killed In
an Avalanche in Utah. He was 42 they have 4 little boys.
I never want to be put in the position of wishing I had done more, not taken someone for granted. Our Family and Friends are all we have.

Give someone an extra hug today. Remind yourself.. Never take anything for granted.

In Memory Of Todd Bell  
taken from his Family to soon. 
 January 24 2010 at age 42.

Today I am very grateful for my Family.

What are you grateful for?