There was a little girl who came into our life 17years ago 12 years ago. When her dad (my baby brother) left the Army and came to Utah. She holds a very big part of my heart. oh and she knows it!! My brother was a single father he needed help with his little one.. and I was there.
When he left the Army instead of going home to Las Vegas he came home to Utah. (Utah was his home first)
I had not had much to do with this baby girl in the first 4+ years of her life because of her dad being in the army and our Mom and Dad in vegas.. so he would go there for vacations etc...
We did see her on occasion but when she came to live with us  
She became one of us..
. I am not sure how we let her do that. but our lives would never be the same without her.
she is 17 today.   (and she is lucky to have made it that far!! )

Erin Jeannicole Happy Birthday Love Auntie.

she was the one who started calling me AUNTIE at such a young age.. I believe it was because she couldn't remember my name Aunt Linda .. but I don't care AUNTIE stuck..
       I LOVE IT!!