I was laying in bed last night thinking of all the things I wanted to talk to you guys about..
I thought I  should turn on the light and make notes..no I will remember..no I didn't remember..HA!

My spell check is only working half the time.. so I don't know if the words are worng or not.. because there is no red underline.

Next week will be our 33rd wedding anniversary, I got married when I was a senior in high school. That is a lot of years ago. People said.. "they won't last", My grandmother even said there was no use remembering his name he wouldn't be around that long... That broke my heart. She thought it was a joke. I didn't.

Grumpy has been out of town for a week he spent the first couple of days at his sisters in Atlanta then flew to Charleston S.C.  for business. I don't sleep well when he is gone.
Besides Last night I was sick and when i didn't have my head  there ~~~~~~>
I had horrible cramps..

There is another birthday today is my nephew, Andrews birthday
My oldest brothers, Youngest son. He is 24 I am sure he won't mind me telling his age. 

I still have a couple 3 or 4 of more family birthdays this month..
then a couple of anniversarys.. so beware!!

Tomorrow Fry's and Safeway in Arizona may have a big STRIKE!  The workers don't want it.. they are being forced by the Union. I don't think I can cross the picket lines..
    I can't cross the picket lines. I will go to Walmart or Bashas

Wat about tomorrow what do I do? It is Kenners first birthday or the remembrance of his birthday and the few hours he lived, we are doing a balloon launch in his honor at 5:00 pm the time he was born. I want to get a couple of baby's first birthday balloons..
I don't know.. then the problem is I have no Idea how to console my daughter. My sweet baby girl.. She has had a rough week, What will tomorrow bring? I know i have asked this many times but would everyone please pray for Emalee and Kyle Rausch tomorrow
 If you don't pray please remember hee and send good thoughts. These are my two favorite pictures of our baby we are missing so much right now.

I guess I won't be buying Balloons at Fry's tomorrow.. My store of choice.

The dog is on a hunger strike she dose this when her people leave she just does not do well! she has a nervous habit of chewing her nails..and she has shredded 2.
I didn't want to buy a dog with mental illness.. she is 5 now you would think she had grown out of her neurosis.

We found some family on facebook this week that we haven't seen in years.
An Uncle and his girls.. I am sure I saw My uncle and a couple of the girls

when my grandmother passed away... oh almost 8 years ago.. We were close to their family when we were young so all my family on facebook were all over them..

ok..this is long...I have been EXTRA random. but sometimes you need to be.

excited for a couple of babies to come in the next month or so.. I better get baby stuff and Christmas stuff done.!! PRONTO!!