Health Departments across the country are encouraging residents to assemble H1N1 flu kits to keep in their homes. It seems this advice is good for everyone, so I am posting the list that the Utah Health Department has provided so anyone can assemble a kit for their home. These kits will help prevent the spread of the virus and also help those who are ill to convalesce more comfortably at home. A H1N1 kit should contain:
                                                   {Ohio State students helped put together thousands of “flu kits” }

* Disposable gloves

* Liquid soap

* Paper towels

* Hand sanitizer (Alcohol gel hand cleaner with at least 60% alcohol)

* Thermometer

* Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and / or Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)

* Fluids for replacement (juices, Gatorade, Pedialite, teas, soda, soup, Jell-O)

* Cleaner / disinfectant for surfaces (Clorox Wipes)

* Masks (a regular one for the sick person to wear; one with a plastic eye shield for the caregiver if the sick person is a child and refuses to wear a mask)

* Phone numbers for physicians, pharmacies, and potential caregivers for young children

These "FLU" kits are a good idea to have in your home for any kind of  FLU.
If someone in my home gets sick I would want to have the things already on hand
to make them more comfortable

                                           I AM SURE YOU WOULD ALSO.