Specialty Shopping,

                   we all know about it, many do it

Asian markets, New Tokyo Food Market.

and Jewish markets, Segals Kosher Market.

some go to german  markets, Deutsches Eck German Deli-Market,

the french have them also, Vincent's French Market Bistro.

Even Italians do: Calabria Italian Grocery & Deli - Phoenix AZ

Here in Phoenix Ranch Market is our favorite little local Mexican market we go there often and buy fresh made tortillas from the Tortilleria their old fashion tortilla factory right in the store. We buy fresh fruit straight from mexico. We love our local Mexican market.

{all the stores mentioned above are real stores in the phoenix area}

so tell me.. why am i having such a problem with this store..

Supermercado de Wal-Mart

 so far Walmart has opened 2 supermarkets targeting Hispanic consumers in 1 in Arizona and 1 in Texas

 I haven't climbed on the Walmart band wagon with these stores yet. 

Whey will also be opening a Sams clubs called  "Mas Club" in Houston  Texas some time later this year.

I guess I shouldn't be so surprise in a area so populated with hispanics.. but still. 

I always have been afraid of Walmart.

      very afraid.