Remember, 55 years ago today? Where you were?
A couple I know were just 17&18, and in love. They picked that day to get married.

mom and dad on their 50th

They became my parents 5 years later. but before that they became parents to, their oldest child a girl and then 2 little boys. A little more than a year after me my younger sister came along.

My parents worked hard to feed dress and house us. The 5 of us were much loved and  happy children!

I guess somewhere along the way my younger brother decided our family was not complete, Just before my sister younger than I turned 5, we added another baby to the family, and within a couple of more years my baby sister and brother came along. The 5 of us oldest call them the "LITTLE  KIDS" even to this day.

If you have kept up here that is now 8 children.
By anyone's standards this is considered a large family!.
We were always well fed. My mother made all our clothing, knitted our sweaters
sewed our warm coats.{most people would never know they were made by my mother.} I still remember what I thought was my first "store bought coat" She reupholstered our furniture.
All the while dad working very hard to put keep a roof over our heads.

I will never forget when I was in second grade, the night moving into "our new home", 3 days after Christmas that was the day my baby sister rudely  decided to make her entrance into the world. Imagine my mother 9 months pregnant, packing to move with 6 other children at Christmas time.. I still wonder where her sanity was am in aw over that. What a woman!

Now 55 years later this young couple is not so young. and they are struggling with their health

But they are still in love. 

the 11 hoffman's wish you~~~


{and what do you bet my dad who retired long ago is at work at his job at Taco bell this morning?} LOL