~~i don't think i have ever posted so many random things in 1 post so i am going to use Sarah's
Random Wednesday
{i made her cute picture..}

some really random stuff from my brain. and a few pictures of the 

~~ grumpy will be late tonight, should i cook him dinner? or sandwiches for dinner..
i think sandwiches. Sarah and i went out for lunch today and had plenty left 
for our dinner. 

~~ my spell check doesn't pick up LOL you would think it would. maybe i should let it change it to LOLA.

~~reading blogs on google reader, suddenly it just goes blank and all my unread blogs are gone! it was the weirdest thing!
we cleaned out the shoe store. Sarah said she is going to "dispose" of some old ones from
her closet. lets see how many she lets go of!~~ lol! i did get 1 new pair. 
Trader Joe's has cute new bags. .99 cents.. custom Arizona bags. do i need more 
reusable bags. nah.. we have enough. but it would be cool to have one from Arizona. do they have California bags..how about Oregon bags? just sayin'.. maybe I'll make a collection of STATE bags for Trader Joe's 

~~we stopped for gas.. did it go up in price everywhere or just here? 
.30 higher since our last fill up. the fire truck needed gas also..
whats up with that? i hope he wasn't on the way to that fire!

~~ they are harvesting onions over a mile from our house..
they are so "potent" we can smell them from here. 

~~i have never seen them put bee boxes by the fields before {to 
get enough bees out to pollinate the crops.} 

~~ i think we now have found almost everything we need in Arizona, 
i don't have to look up to many places anymore. also i don't think we 
have had any occasion to get lost yet! good for us!

~~called a prescription to the Dr. LAST Wednesday..never heard back from them.
so i called again.  what is that about? you think if they didn't want to refill at least they would call and say so.

~~the Utah house is going up for RENT {this next week i hope..June 1st} so maybe it will be rented by July. we really want to buy a house here by mid august. so we are Internet shopping for foreclosures. soon we will have to start looking at homes for real. 

~~ at the first of this month we started watching LOST from the beginning, season 1 
we just have the final 2 shows from season 5 left.. so we watched around 100 episodes.. 
lost this month.

~~no wonder i dream about being rescued from a deserted island

~~thanks for stickin' with me if you did.