i have felt so yucky this week i just have been a troll in a hole.
i have done almost nothing this week.
i have made sure grumpy has had food. 
we have had clean dishes. and clothing.
i did even make sure grumpy had ironed 
shirts and pants. but if i listed the things i did not do this week.. it would be very long.. very long list. 

i did blog at the beginning of the week.
and read some blogs. 
i commented on a couple of blogs also. 

but i didn't read a lot of blogs and didn't comment on 
a lot.

i tried to read a book..well listen on my ipod. i keep falling asleep. i didn't listen. 
i did watch a lot of stuff on the dvr

i still feel yuck!  no energy. i want to sleep 
18 hours
maybe i will.