its play along with JAM Memories on Monday time again!!

its moms birthday this week! so my Memories on Monday brings me to memories of Mom.
i won't tell her age..because that won't go over well with her...and i know she reads my blog..

i have picked out some fun pictures of her. it is very hard for me to be away from my mom on her birthday this year. we are very close.. this past year we moved 11 hours away from mom and dad after living a block away.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU!! and i miss you so much.
this is a picture of mom with the first 5 of her 8 children the other 3 came later..she kind of raised 2 sets of kids..we call it the big kids and the little kids. {wonder where dad was? behind the camera?} you can almost see me behind Polly in front. 
when we were kids we camped and spent all the time we could on the water!! 
here is mom and my "little" sister Polly on the end of Gramp's (moms dad) boat.
{my mom said she loves this picture because her tan is so great! remember when we all use to worship the sun? she was a big one!}
another camping picture many years later.. her health was starting to fail by this time and camping wasn't nearly as much fun!..beside the fact we couldn't have a fire (forest fire restrictions).. no fun on cold mornings in the mountains! this picture shows just how much she dislikes her picture taken!! 
Mom and my "just older" brother Chris.. not sure the circumstance..{update picture is at my brother in laws funeral} just loved the picture of them both.
my mom was the most adorable young girl and baby...these pictures are family treasures.