what is this i asked.. it isn't a hummingbird or a moth.... it has antennas, it isn't a bird. and it is so tiny i began snapping pictures with my little Sony cybershot. 
didn't have time to get out the cannon. i did get a few beautiful clear pictures of it
here are a few details i found out about the HUMMINGBIRD MOTH on the Internet.

The Hummingbird Moth, unlike most moths, is seen on clear, sunny days. Many people do confuse it with hummingbirds because of its coloration and how it moves.

Hummingbird Moths grow up to two inches long. They have an olive-green body with red bands across their abdomen. Tufts of hairs from the end of the abdomen look a lot like feathers. The wings of this moth are mostly clear, sometimes with some red near the body.

Hummingbird Moths live in fields, gardens, and forest edges.