the hair color came about when she had chemo..
why not she was going to lose it..right?

April 22 was the day i became a mother,

2 weeks after my 18 birthday {and boy was i scared}.. not only was i so young but i had found out on my 18Th birthday i was to have this baby and all future baby's Cesarean section.

wow that is a blow for a girl who didn't know how we were going to pay for a "regular" birth. now we were going to have to pay for surgery..and a long stay in the hospital. you know all those years ago the stay for c-section was much longer than the few days stay of modern times.. i stayed 6 nights 7 days
grumpy and i knew from the time we heard the tiny heart beat..our first baby was a girl. there was no doubt in our minds. or hearts. from the beginning, grumpy called her "dude" he would talk to my tummy as she grew and tell her all kinds of things, only he thought were pertinent . . all the while calling her by name. DUDE. still to this day it is his "special " name for her. it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the 2 of them. there is no bond like theirs. him and his dude. when she was born we did name her a beautiful name 

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we did get a loan from the credit union grumpys mother worked at to pay the huge $1,800. hospital bill and we paid $100.00 a month till she was paid for. funny but we were still paying for her when her sister was born. by that time we did have insurance. 

Sarah has always has a smile.. she has a nick name among a group of people "Sarah smiles :)"
she has had many trials. in 2001  she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune Scleroderma
she deals with this well with a wonderful attitude. no matter how sick she gets. 

i think her dad, sister and brother, her brothers wife, and sisters husband.. nephew and nieces..and all the other family members will join with me and say a huge  

we love you Sarah and happy birthday!!