this past week jam had a giveaway..

she had a challenge included with the giveaway, if you commented on her most current blog posts what you "love about your life" that day  you would receive an extra entry.
so me of course looking for anyway to get extra entry's did this everyday..with the exception of 1 or 2..  but the idea stuck with me. 

i have become so negative about things in my life lately, i need to make that extra effort of remember the good. remember what i love about my life every day.  the things i am thankful for on a daily basis. i have discovered many many things, as simple as being able to get up every day and see the beautiful morning and hear the birds chirping outside,
         { i may have to put in my hearing aids to do that but i can!! }
i have 5 wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren that i thank the lord for every day.
 a husband, that when we were married at 17 and 18 respectively, most people said ..i give them 5 years ..they won't last. and here we are 32 years later! my siblings and parents that mean so much to me.

there are many more things i am thankful for.. but you really do get the idea by now.. i hope.  

the idea here is i love life.. 
i just need see the good in everything. and i plan to do exactly that!

thanks for sticking with me on this!

  and always....  remember to look for the good in every day!