i am going to start something new on Sundays..

oh i totally missed 300 this is 302... oh well!...!!!

I AM..
then every Sunday i will say what i am. today i am  NOSTALGIC.

yesterday when my kids came over i was so excited! they haven't come to spend the day in some time.. so as soon as they got here i pulled out the camera! i haven't taken pictures of the grandkids in while..

first picture i took was of Ian. 
the first thing he said was.. "are you going to post about me?"...lol! so the kid reads my blog? 
funny kid.. did he want me to post about him? i never got him to say whether it was a good or bad thing. 

all night i continued to take pictures..

while he was having dinner.. he had had so much to eat.. more than a lot of grown men. 
and i want to document this.. so i continued to snap.. well at one point he said. gramee you are starting to embarrass me.. oh we all laugh about this.. because he is the boy,
  ....that used to follow me around saying "gramee?? take my picture please....."
and this was his favorite pose..when he asked..