i get alerts from the local news here in arizona
today i got a weather alert...
being from Utah this is not the kind of weather alert i expect 
to get this time of year. 
  this is a picture from the porch at our house in utah after a good snow storm.

Special Weather Statement Statement as of 6:30 am PDT on March 17, 2009/

... Unseasonably warm weather expected by mid week...

A strong high pressure system will develop across south central
Arizona and southeast California this week. Along with sunny skies
and light winds... temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 80s
on the lower deserts... with some locations topping out in the low
90s. For Phoenix... the hottest day of the year so far is expected on

Forecast highs this week include...

Phoenix on Wednesday... 88. Thursday... 90. Friday... 88.
Yuma on Wednesday... 89. Thursday... 89. Friday... 87.
Imperial on Wednesday... 89. Thursday... 89. Friday... 87.

Although the readings for Phoenix are just shy of the records... the
unseasonable heat along with bright sunshine may pose some heat
related risks to certain individuals who will be outdoors for an
extended period. Consider taking precautions to avoid heat related
illnesses... apply sunblock and wear a wide-brimmed hat. Drink plenty
of water.

Stay up-to-date on the latest forecasts by listening to weather radio
on the public service band. More detailed information is available
from the National Weather Service in Phoenix on the internet at