{ ashley}

today i am feeling very thankful 

~~First that grumpy has a good job, a very good job that
we can keep our house in Utah until it sells and still live comfortably here in Arizona.
  also i ask you all
 please pray that the Utah house sells soon! 
i am so thankful we have a house           {alene}
 to live in here in Arizona, and plenty of food to eat and that i am a very good cook and can prepare us nutritional meals. 

~~second my grandbabies {and their mom and dad} have been gone from Arizona for a week visiting their auntie M in Utah it has been such a blessing for Emalee to have them there. it has eased my mind. knowing she needed them to help her through a hard week. 

~~third i am thankful knowing our family is eternal and will be reunited in heaven and we will see our baby Kenner again. for more information go here

~~forth so thankful for the 3 great kids i have given birth to, and the 2 kids i adopted through marriage. 
~~fifth since i am on the theme here  3 beautiful grandbabies who went to Utah for spring break who light up my life every time i even think of them Ian, Sissy, and Ashley 
i am so thankful i have them in my life i don't know if i could go on some days if it wasn't for them.

~~my life is good.