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{excerpts taken from article by Darren Rowes Ways to keep content flowing on your blog}

“How do I keep posts flowing on my blog?

~~Involve Readers
There are a lot of ways to do this - but here are a few:

Guest Posts - in every 100 or so readers there is bound to be 1 that has the knowledge, expertise, motivation and skill to contribute posts to your blog. The key is to identify them and give them the confidence to contribute a post to your blog. Pay particular attention to those leaving comments on your blog. You’ll find that some comments just go the extra mile and contain wisdom and depth that are not far off being the standard of actual blog posts. Also don’t be afraid to invite contributions by writing post asking for guest posts or having a page linked in your navigation inviting contributions.

Reader Questions - stuck for a topic to write about? Ask your readers to ask questions. A post inviting reader questions can draw out some great ideas to write about.

~~ Update Previous Posts and Topics
Even after a few months of blogging you can hit a point where you feel like you’ve covered most topics in your niche. Many bloggers get to this point and simply give up the blog - however I’ve found that most posts that I’ve written in the past can be expanded upon, updated, improved or rewritten with fresh insight.
Also keep in mind that many of our old posts will only have been read by long term readers and your new readers will not have seen these posts.

~~Develop an editorial calendar
Monday might be ‘tips’ day where you write a ‘how to’ or ‘tip’ related post
Tuesday might be ‘review’ day where you review a product related to your topic
Wednesday might be ‘news’ day where you summarize the latest news in your niche
Thursday might be ‘link’ day where you link up to another blog in your niche
Friday might be ‘opinion’ day where you express your opinion on a topic
Saturday might be ‘reader discussion’ day where you post a question or poll for readers to interact with
Sunday might be ‘from our archives’ day where you highlight an old post on your blog

i came across this article in my quest for new blogging ideas..
i hope it helps some of you as it has helped me.