sometime i wonder if the side effects are worse than the drug itself..
one drug i take i wonder..should i really take this??

 well , in my case the benefits out weigh the side effects.. so yes

Unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling (paresthesias) -- in up to 51 percent of people
Dizziness -- up to 32 percent
Fatigue -- up to 30 percent
Drowsiness -- up to 29 percent
Mental and physical slowing or delays -- up to 21 percent
Nervousness -- up to 19 percent
Upper respiratory infection (such as the common cold) -- up to 18 percent
Coordination problems -- up to 16 percent
Weight loss -- up to 16 percent { I AM NOT THIS 16 %}
Loss of appetite -- up to 15 percent
Taste changes -- up to 15 percent
Confusion -- up to 14 percent
Difficulty with concentration or attention -- up to 14 percent
Nausea -- up to 14 percent.

Some other common side effects, occurring in 5 to 13 percent of adults, included:

Memory loss
Language or speech problems
Changes in gait (walking pattern)
Sinus infection or irritation
Mood problems
Decreased sense of touch
Viral infections
Abdominal pain (stomach pain)
Joint pain
Sore throat
Dry mouth
Mood problems
Back pain.
Impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction or ED) is also a common side effect , although the exact percentage was not reported {I DONT HAVE THIS EITHER!!!!}