Jeremy and Shad cousins
                         this is shad my nephew, and his beautiful family he has 6 children yep 6, they have one little one Logan 3 who is a downs syndrome baby he is the second youngest. Larken is the baby she is almost 2. Shad took a couple of days off work this week so his wife go on a short vacation. without all the kids. to visit friends in Ohio. Shad stayed with the 2 littlest ones all day. the others are in school he found out just what trouble these 2 can be together.
                         Jeremy {my son} and my beautiful daughter in law Jenny and grandbabies.  Jeremy stayed home with the kids while Jenny and her mom and sisters go to California for the weekend. he loves his wife so much he would give her anything if  he could. 
it just amazes me how these two boy who climbed rocks, threw rocks, fished, ran, had fun camping. became such wonderful loving husbands. i guess it says something for Shads mom, Andrea and I. we must have done something right. 

                                                  cute Logan
Logan cleaning up his own mess.. this wasn't from this week it was a couple of weeks ago.
{oh it is chocolate milk mix.}