words of wisdom 

words can affect other people's lives
how true. often enough when we speak without thinking first especially when are annoyed, frustrated or angry with someone.
(or think we (I) know better than them).

many a times, i realized i lose control of a situation when i speak without giving a thought to the words that come out through my mouth. being aware that i am capable of such an act helps me put a brake to my actions from here on out.

if only i stopped to think about what i have said more often and that is a regret that i wish i can erase. having such experiences should make me learn but again i continue to make such mistakes. i am still learning to stop to think before i say something that i will regret later on.
our words definitely affect other people's lives. 

when we sincerely praise someone else, we encouraged them and when we say negative things about them, we bring them down. we may be unaware of the extent of the damage done when we say negative things.
how others speak to us affect us as well so let us all be conscious of our words. let our words be positive and most of all encouraging. let us all encourage one another and make our place here on earth a better place to live.

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me" has been understood that words do hurt and these words carry a scar if we allow it to seep into our unconscious minds. let us all just be conscious that our words are very powerful and can make a difference in other people's lives. let us be aware of this and seek to be a person who encourages others as well as allow ourselves to be encouraged with positive words.