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it totally mystifies me why the insurance company suddenly decides you can't take a drug any longer. when you have taken it for months..
that is what happened to our oldest daughter Sarah
she takes cellcept for her scleroderma 
this drug is traditionally used for transplant patients. and i guess that medicare has decided that it should be used for exactly that, transplant patients. that it helps people with an auto immune disease live a better quality life makes no difference to the "powers that be." they just see the long term DOLLARS involved. 
Sarah will probably now have to return to 
using oxygen 24 hours a day. to not being able to get out of bed most the time. the dr has already told the insurance how much this has changed the quality of her life. how much she needs this drug but it seems they don't really care very much. 
she would pay for it on her own. and continue to take it, but the drug company has put a price on it that is more money than her social security each month it alone is around about 
one thousand a month for the dosage she needs. not including any other medications she needs during the month.
her best bet.. try to get the drug company to help, but they usually don't if you have insurance..funny when the insurance won't pay!

the dr will discuss with her the next step. the next drug that may help her. maybe something else will work as well as this one drug did.