my blog is blank that is what happens when you set the post to go away!!
OK..i am better..i am back and it is my 200Th post!!
i am so grateful for every ones comments. they 
have all helped me realise 1 thing.. my blog
is for me.. and if i say what i want and you don't like it,
then don't read it.! 

also..if i comment on your blog, i will 
not post anything you might take as a hurtful comment.
i will keep it nice no extra sarcasm.
   if i think your kid should be 
potty trained by 4 and not have a pacifier in kindergarten i won't tell 
you. i will keep it to myself.. promise..
i think any kid going to kindergarten should 
be potty trained and their binky should have been tossed out years ago! 
but i won't tell you so!! i will just smile and tell my daughter about it and laugh 
at you, but not tell you what i think on your blog comments cause i might get extra sarcastic.
it is good to be back
i didn't reach my goal to blog every day. oh well 
i have been reading some..because i wonder how everyone is
still prayed for those who needed it.. 
was blessed by so many who left comments 
(that would have been embarrassing if no one had!! LOL)
i did get my reading done for girls with books. 
no more laundry got done than would have before .
the t.v got turned on 1 to many times. 
thanks everyone who supported me.
the prizes for my contest will be out this week!

love to all