this picture was found on the internet is is no one i know

a couple of weeks ago when i got my hairs cut ( remember the whole lost hearing aid incident?) well the young lady who cut my hair said she found people with "hair the texture" of mine, that is the nice way to say women with  "almost no hair on top" find when they put a hair dye on their hair it thickens it and gives the appearance of more hair. yeah right. so i am a lemming. and i am going to try it. i got a little darker shade than my natural color (minus the gray).. light golden brown. the golden part is the part that scares me. i am afraid it will turn orange.. like the picture of me i have posted on my blog.. it is so gold it is the color of my gold blouse. 
so i am off to do my hair if it turns out ok i may take my picture and show you all if not i may not. 

 but that may require posting a picture more recent than 2 years old.

                                   and i am old and fat now