gramee          judy                                                                                                                              
i write this about my friend judy.  you would never believe she dose not have the internet..
she will never see this.  i think it is so weird now
in this day and time. some of us still do not 
have the internet.. i recently moved from utah 
to arizona. i left most of my family and ALL of my friends. it was hard to leave my family but also really hard to leave my friends. especially judy. her and i were soul sisters..we were put together in the same neighborhood for a reason. we are so much alike. the day we were moving in to our home on iowa ave. judy  pulled up in her shiny new silver saturn. (her trunk full of grocery's). she stopped to introduce herself.          
i was so excited because almost the whole time we had lived in the home we had just moved from almost no one had even tried to get to know us. (except a young couple with a newborn who lived next door for a few months, and an old man who lived 2 doors down who needed some real attention.) i was thinking this was going to be a really nice neighborhood.. which it was. judy and i became fast friends we really grew to love each other and found how much we really had in common (if i told you all our secrets i would have to shoot you..LOL!).  she was so good to me. right up until i move to arizona. now we will just be note/letter/card and telephone friends and i will see her when i go to utah to visit my family , i will make a trip just for a lunch date with judy!! just you see.. but i know i will always be judys friend and she will always be mine. because we have a piece of each others heart