someone better start counting because this is only the first of many blogs that will contain the subject of laundry this year..i am sure because laundry is a huge subject for me. my most disliked household job. 

i am only just a little ashamed to admit grumpy has a little over 2 dozen dress shirts of all variates, long sleeved and short.. so i only iron shirts 2 times a month at the most. now i really don't mind ironing much, it is a great feeling making them all pretty and crisp. 

now hand me the pants and i cringe..i don't like the dress pants. and i have to do them every 2 weeks. 

any way as you can see by my photo today was my big iron day!  i have been using a lavender 
ironing spray..makes my home smell wonderful!! 

                                     hope grumpy likes smelling pretty