Yahoo! Groups
long long ago. almost 10 years ago i joined a yahoo email group, it was all LDS ladies ( well mostly) many women from around the world. over the years many women have come and gone and the group became a private group to keep us safe from lurkers and bad guys. so we could truly be ourselves and know each other on a more personal level..
the group dwindled from a few hundred to 68. we are now very close friends.  some have met through trips here and there.. and driving through each others towns but many have never met. 
we all love each other, and ask for, and take advice from each other on a daily basis, like 
dear sister ruth in canada who hops over the border into the U.S to go to taco bell because kay and kirsten said crunch wraps are delish.. 
and we all worried  at christmas when stephanie mailed her missionary sons shoes in 2 different boxes to make sure he got them 
we all pray for all the families on the list on a continual basis.
well this is a story leading up to a story...

last year kirsten sister wrote a book..we all commented and went on our way. 
then in the fall she said her sisters book was going to be released just after christmas..
sometime just before christmas she let us know it was released early. 

one day just at the first of the year i was blog stalking as i love to do.. i stumbled upon a blog.. 
the woman looked familiar..but i look at a lot of blogs i continued to check it out to see if i knew this person.. then i saw it..miss delacourt..kirstens sisters book.. 
this is kirstens sisters blog!! i was very excited..
so then i had to write her..tell her i knew her sister..well she was my internet friend..

i ordered the book on amazon.

heidi had a contest on her blog to win a t-shirt.. for her 300th post you just had to tell her what you would want your miss delacourt t-shirt to say..she had suggested  "buy it, read it, love it.."
well here is mine!