as much as i would love to sit and write cute witty things on my blog today, alas i must go..

off to the dark depths of my hole.. and clean the weekend logjam i almost don't dare mention the pile of laundry i need to fold. (in my bedroom) because i think that my laundry moderator, will have to get his/her counter and chalk another point up on the laundry blog counter.. so i am not going to mention unsaid, unfolded laundry. in unsaid bedroom. but all the other messyness in the other rooms. like 2 bathrooms, 3 people and 2 bathrooms..why can't we just mess up 1 bathroom a week.. then i would only have to clean one a week.. not 2 each week. also the vacuuming but i do have the wonder of wonders vacuum the dyson! now no one is listening.(reading) me.. ok off i go!

to the depths of my hole                           

disclaimer:this picture was found on the internet it is                                                                                                                                          not my house