this is how i spent two hours of my day today. 
not the way i love to spend any hours of any of my days..i am so glad i have to do it only one day a month.

no less than 7 people stopped to ask how many people i was feeding with such a huge cart of food..i just politely smiled at some, others i explained i shopped only once a month.
let me explain my once a month shopping trip. grumpy works for a company that chooses to 
pay their salaried employees once a month. when this first started we decided to try doing our major shopping once a month. it worked out so good for us, we continued.  i have been doing this for 4 years.  i have loved only doing my grocery shopping once a month. adding a supplement trip a couple of times during the month for dairy and produce..

so if you see me with a cart so full things are threatening to fall off... say hi to me!