the view from gramees porch

i was on a very popular, very advertised blog once. the blogger was very excited she had been viewed 100,000 times. wow i thought that is just amazing. but like i said she is VERY advertised and very popular, she always has give aways and fun stuff..  well i have had my blog for 63 days. i have posted (as of now 111 on one blog and 3 on the other). i am a faithful blogger.  i am making a goal to blog every day in 2009. not like that is a challenge to but i have gone 1-2 days with out blogging. so if all i do is add my food diary on morsel by morsel i have completed my goal for that day.

thanks everyone who have supported my crazy blog habits! some of my blogs are serious some are funny...but you all know    

                          I LOVE TO BLOG!