becca, david, and kellie 2008

kellie jo maurer born, december 28 196something...i will not revile the year because if she will not tell people her true age, it is not my place to do that either. according to her facebook..i believe she says she is about 100 which she is not. because she is not 5o years older than grumpy.

kellie is my baby sister, she was born as we were moving into our new home..3 days after christmas wow we were not excited, when our uncles had to come babysit us. i was in 2nd grade. she was a darling baby always had a smile for me. she loved me! i hope she still does!! LOL!

kellie is married to david smith and lives in ogden. they have 3 beautiful children lara 16 , brian 14 and becca 12. she is a great mom and wife. she is a substitute teacher so she only works when her kids are at school. loves to knit socks (not only socks), and sew quilts, (and not only quilts) she still bakes bread in a age when no one does that! she loves to cook. and by all rights drives her kids crazy!! don't we all!! lol!

happy birthday kej!! i love you!
kellie at our sister pollys wedding (second in from the right.)
kellie far right at our parents 50th wedding anniversary