i have a sad christmas story..
once upon a time there was a beautiful christmas tree that moved to arizona just a few short weeks before christmas...

well you all know we moved to arizona 3 weeks ago..
and our garage is FULL of unpacked boxes..
mostly things that will be stored for a year until we have a home of our own again. we have been looking for all my christmas 
decorations and ornaments.. i have found a couple of boxes..
mostly outdoor decorations... i keep saying we will find that missing box of ornaments. 
grumpy will get in there and move everything around again.. i know he will find them..

well today i received a phone call from grams.. 

(well you remember my parents lived with us for 2 years. last spring when they moved out grumpy put all their belongings (that were stored in my garage) in 1 large stack..he said all of this is yours.. move it so i can have my garage back for cars!!.
well the men helping took all the boxes to grams and grandpops new home..
they all went into the storage shed outside on their carport. )

you might wonder where this is going..
well my christmas ornaments and decorations have been found among g&g's christmas things in storage..
so..i have now set out to find something in my garage to decorate my tree with...

stay tuned..for pictures when i am done.