ok.. a few things then some stuff. i got my hearing aides about 4 months ago. i am getting so comfortable with them now, about 3 times i have climbed in the shower with them in..on no! i have taken them out before any harm done OH GOOD!! 

there are no more cob webs in my shower window YEAH!!  i have a massive headache today, what's new? and i have to sew. i have one project i need to finish. and it will take me 2 days if i really work on it. so i better work on it! i am really liking my hair cut now. i didn't ever tell you all i didn't like it. well i didn't like the way the lady styled it.. but i styled it myself, now, i like it! good thing.. or i would just cut it off myself.. not a good thing. i didn't do my dishes last night ashley had kind of a melt down needed my attention. so i did grandbabie duty. not dish duty so i have to do them today. so that's all my things and stuff..

                                                    mostly stuff