my sleep habits are...hum..
well lets say i do not sleep 
all night most nights.

my dr. has prescribed a mild sleeping aid.
i find myself reluctant to take it every night.

soo..i have not slept well for several days. 

last night tough..i had a big cup of hot tea! double strength..(hoping it doesn't backfire on me)

tension tamer.. it is so good! 
and when i was ready for bed..i took that little pill i am so reluctant to take.

last night..i slept. i didn't find myself reaching for my headphones at 2 AM . i slept till grumpy was up and getting ready for work. i popped out of bed retrieved his lunch from the refrigerator. made his cup of coffee he so loves each morning. and climbed back in bed. 
after he kissed me good bye, i was back to sleep out like a light..
and behold.. i found myself sleeping until 8:30 am. wow all night and all morning. 
WONDERFUL! i am rested. ready to hit the sewing machine again today. 
                            but first i must..

 make my wonderful bed that cuddled to sleep me so nicely last night..