grumpy has a passion for riding a bicycle, in utah it was usually one with thin tires, that he rode on the street, and he wore tight shorts. here in arizona he has taken to riding his fat tire mountain bike, in his baggy shorts.. he still is going out for 2 or 3 hours. yes i said 2 or 3hours.. the weather here is beautiful for riding his bike year round. he will just have to adjust in the summer and ride earlier or later. 
but this time of year he can ride any time of day he chooses. today it only was supposed to get to 70* we will see though because it is overcast i so don't think it got that high..i am guessing 5 degrees less.. on monday next week we are supposed to get some rain. not looking to forward to that.. 
maybe grumpy will ride his road bike next week.. 

       and wear his tight shorts.