last night when i should have been sleeping.
i wasn't. what's new. i was thinking of all the things i could be blogging about, if i were up and sitting at the computer. instead of laying under my nice warm covers trying to sleep. so this is the this what i was thinking about blogging. why my cookie sheet and pizza pan changed colors. my new hair cut. my grandkids (again and always). emalee. our move to arizona. christmas shopping. christmas shopping on the internet. my internet friends. my sisters. grumpy. my car. my dog. my kitchen duties. cleaning the house. the cobwebs in the bathroom window. my closet. the guest room bed. the never ending boxes in the garage (it will be a subject of a blog this coming weekend). my missing clothing boxes, included in the garage post. my darling niece and nephew, logan and maddy. i just got a new picture of them. (which i will blog about soon). the rain in arizona. my house in utah. why my thyroid has nodules? my christmas sewing projects.
really i can go on and at risk of being called a nerd by emalee i will stop..
because you all know by now how much i love blogging!!

              ok                     i am a blog nerd.