my baby girl is named ashley joy (the joy is after me). i have resisted the urge to start her a collection of all things joy... as i have. this year i did get her 2 christmas ornaments with the word JOY one of them she is modeling here are a few things of mine not packed away from the move. most are christmas things that get put away after the holiday season. some are christmas things that stay out all year.

my sister barbara gave me the joy candy dish it is so fun!! can you see the joy tea and cookies..sarah gave me those they are so cute! but don't eat the cookies i can't tell you how old they are! 
all my odd ornaments.. not on the tree this year..because i put up my white one!
i have 2 of these a silver and gold the silver is my special one a gift from jeremy, jenn and the grand kids i keep it out all year.
out all year in my favorite chair.
this is out all year also usually in front of the t.v and not walked on.
this came from idaho..from my cousin debbie, usually on the front or back porch all year.

         my all things joy including the blonde in the top picture.