i have been an ipod lover for 2 years now. shortly after i got my ipod, i fell in love with audio books and began listening to books on ipod..what a wonderful experience. shortly after i got my hearing aides i got this new bluetooth tek transmitter now with this device the Tek Transmitter (it looks like an odd cell phone) it streams sound from my ipod, cell phone t.v. or other audio device right into my hearing aide. transforming them into what would be considered a wireless stereo headset.. i feel so comfortable with the tek right around my neck with the iopd safely velcroed to it. i can listen to my hearts content. i don't have to take out my hearing aide and not chance hearing something with ear buds in tucked in my ears.. this allows me to hear things going on around me if i care to! (care to..that the key words)..

tek with ipod, velcroed together..