well this is the wonderful pot of "beans and ham" i  made from my "HAM BONE"  now when i was thinking about my ham bone a little tune came to my mind...so i googled it. and what did i find but a tune that was sung and they danced a jig , way back in the 1800's.. so i copied it here so you can enjoy it too..

A song about the hambone 

Hambone Hambone pat him on the shoulder
If you get a pretty girl, I'll show you how to hold her.
Hambone, Hambone, where have you been?
All 'round the world and back again.
Hambone, Hambone, what did you do?
I got a train and I fairly flew.
Hambone, Hambone where did you go?
I hopped up to Miss Lucy's door.
I asked Miss Lucy would she marry me.
(falsetto)"Well I don't care if Papa don't care!"
First come in was Mister Snake,
He crawled all over that wedding cake.
Next walked in was Mister Tick,
He ate so much it made him sick.
Next walked in was Mister Coon,
We asked him to sing us a wedding tune,

Now Ham-....
Now Ham....