my girl,
so now i get to tell you a story about a girl i chose for my son..
i went to his best friends home 9 years ago and said...come home
where you belong. you don't belong here. and she came.
and a few months later she became my daughter in law.
a girl i love with all my heart...she didn't think we' take her back..

LONG STORY...not for today

the past 2 months she has been taking care of her father in law..
and i will tell you some times he is needy!!! LOL!
then 3 weeks ago i popped into the picture tada!
mother and father in law. husband working mucho overtime and
3 children 8, 6, 4 ..and i am not feeling well so i am no help.
this is wonder woman in my book! she is the best mom..
there is just so much i can say about her...
beautiful,loving daughter of god. and raises her children 
in the home to know all they will need to know to go on 
missions and enter the temple of the lord some day. 
jenny i love you girl..thanks for taking care of me