I wanted to buy Ian a chocolate cake..
The one at Claim Jumper, Ian is allergic to Tree nuts so we couldn't do nuts.
Then I decided I just wouldn't pay the price they wanted for a whole cake.

Here is the picture and the description from the menu.

A twenty-two year tradition. Six decadent layers of chocolate fudge cake topped with walnuts. Featured on the Food Network as one of America's "Top 5 Most Decadent Desserts" 9.95 

That price is for 1 piece in the restaurant. You could imagine the price for a whole cake.

Here is the cake I made. It was only 6 inches, and 4 full layers
I forgot to buy candles but we still sang happy birthday.  Triple Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Moose Filling, and Chocolate butter cream frosting. He loved it!

I love this LARGE cake plate it is great. all my others round and are much smaller.
this one is about 14 inches square.
We sent the left over cake home with them!