hey everyone! there is a giveaway over at a blog of someone i call 
it out she could almost be doing this in celebration of my 200Th post..but only almost..
but may baby is cool like that..if i wanted her to she would. she needs this as a pick 
me up if you read a little of her blog you will know just why! 
you all enter! and take a look at her blog it is great! so is my girl.

I.....yes me! I am doing a giveaway.....I just thought it would be fun. All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite childhood memory. You will get extra entries if you post this to your blog and leave a link to your blog on the comments. so I know it has been posted!
So what will you win? Something similar to the picture above! It wont be the exact same one and it could end up being on a tile. Who knows that is the fun part! Thank you all for playing and good luck May the best woman or man win!! Oh and I guess you need to know when it ends......hmmm the winner will be announced Friday!