my grandson kenner, was born, and died 8 weeks ago
 today. my sweet daughter found this blog that will
write your baby's name in sand as a memory. 
 then you can have the picture printed at shutterfly
and have that memory forever.. i thought it was a 
 very cool idea for my emalee to have this momento. 
she has so many beautiful pictures that the group "SHARE"
 took for them also.

Kenner Jackson Rausch 
November 13 2008 

he lived 2 hours and 10 minutes..
 i know he was sent here just to get a body
and return to heaven. he was here for his
 his parents to learn something. they may not know what that is yet
but they will find out someday. 

 emalee and kyle had  8 1/2 years of infertility before becoming 
parents to kenner. i am sure he is preparing his baby sister to come 
 to earth. 

em,kyle i am thinking of you. i wish i was closer to you this week. 
 i love you.

the title is the link to the sandwritten blog.